The 15 Strangest Objects Ever Found in Women’s V-Jays

Human’s have certain orifices for certain reasons, meaning only certain things are suppose to go in and out.  For example, food and water are suppose to go into the mouth.  When things come out of the mouth, its almost never a good thing.  Most orifices are one way streets.

In the case of females, they have one sacred orifice which allows a sacred male part to enter.  This is only natural.  What’s not natural is when women start putting things up there they shouldn’t.  In these cases, some rather embarrassing stories are the end result.

As you explore the following freaky list, you won’t believe some of the weird objects women put into their most sacred body part.  You may never look at #1 the same again!

15. Diamonds



No one wants to get a cavity search.  Most people want to believe this type of search doesn’t exist.  Unfortunately, it does as one woman in Las Vegas found out the hard way.  Said woman attempted to steal a family’s heirloom rings worth roughly $35,000.  She must have had a guilty face because the family decided to call the 5-O on her.  When they got there an initial search came up empty.  The second search involved the sound of latex slapping against the officer’s wrists.  This time, it was game over for the criminal.  The next item is unimaginable!

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