The 20 Best Female Celebrity Chests

There’s really nothing quite like the pillows living on a women’s chest.  The comforts they provide men everyday are simply endless.  For celebrities, it’s important to keep their pillows nice and fluffy at all times.  They have the bankroll to stay in shape, eat right and even buy plastic surgery when necessary.  Since they can afford to pay the best surgeons, they get the best results!

You are probably already thinking of celebrities with the best racks on display.  Well, this list is BIG.  It encompasses the 20 best chests in Hollywood.  No matter your taste, you are bound to find some serious delights here.  Now it’s time to let the film roll, you are entering the world of the 20 best chests!  #2 is the premiere showstopper of the group!

20. Jessica Simpson



Jessica Simpson has been dazzling the world with her cushions for quite some time.  Back in her Daisy Duke days, she had not only the best chest, but she was rocking one of the best bods in the world as well.

These days, her singing career has taken a backseat to her role as a mother raising a family.  There’s still no doubt, she is well-endowed upstairs.  Next up is a living legend!


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