The 20 Most Insanely Inappropriate Kids Toys Ever Made

Children are some of the most innocent creatures on Earth. When they do something wrong, adults brush it off as kids being kids. Considering their innocence, you’d think their toys should follow suit. You know, normal stuffed animals, Ninja Turtles action figures, Transformers, and all the classics. These are the types of toys kids normally use during play time.

Since making children’s toys is a profitable business, adults are the people behind the design and production. Things get weird when the wrong adults get put behind the wheel. We’ve all seen some weird toys for kids but nothing like the toys in the following slides. Some of these are so blatantly inappropriate that it will make you wonder how they were ever made. Number two is by far the strangest!

20. The Deluxe Marvel Shapeshifter Action Figure



Does anyone see anything phallic about this image here? Usually, when you think action figure, there is nothing like what is pictured here going on. If a kid is a Punisher fan, he doesn’t want a giant bulge jumping out of his favorite superhero’s midsection with a rocket attached. It’s almost like the creator was watching too much adult entertainment during the design process and completely lost his train of thought.


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