The 23 Most Bizarre Humans in the World and Their YouTube Worth

The Earth has a population of around 7.4 billion human beings. Considering the number is gigantic, it is only natural for anomalies to occur. There are people on this earth who completely break the mold! Some are now using their strangeness in order to build a following on YouTube and bring home a decent income.

What you are about to see may disturb some. One thing is certain: The following people will blow your mind!  Featured here are the most bizarre of the bizarre people in the world! How is #18 even possible?

1. Charlotte Garside: The World’s Smallest Girl



What you are seeing here isn’t an optical illusion. Charlotte is over seven years old and weighs in at only nine pound! Her pet rabbit actually outweighs her and is larger than her. Amazingly, Charlotte still has perfect brain function and is attending school. We all hope Charlotte will lead a long and prosperous life!  Her current YouTube worth is $30,870.

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