The Final Words of 21 Dead Celebrities

In most cases, a person’s last words are some of their most inspiring and well-thought-out ones. In other cases, the person had no clue he or she was about to kick the bucket. In these instances, the words can seem dark or unimportant. Throughout history, some of the biggest names to ever live have delivered some final words worth examining.

Every person included here had a big influence on society in one way or another.  Some of their words will chill you, while others will mesmerize you and even confuse you. Put on your thinking cap; it’s time to decipher the final words of some of the biggest celebrities to ever live. Number 12’s words are guaranteed to baffle you!

1. John F. Kennedy



Before JFK was assassinated, he was having a conversation with a friend. The friend noted, “You certainly cannot say that the people of Dallas haven’t given you a nice welcome, Mr. President.” The President responded with his final words: “No, you certainly can’t.” He had no clue he was about to meet his maker soon after!


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