The Most Epic Celebrity Meltdowns Ever!

Celebrities be getting crazy from time to time! It’s impossible to keep up a perfect image. When celebrities take their hands off the steering wheel, the paparazzi are waiting in the wings. Sometimes celebrities get caught slipping up without the paparazzi. It’s when they get turned loose and the cameras are off that cray cray stuff starts going down!

After a big, juicy meltdown, celebrities do a great job of paying to make people forget. A lot of meltdowns have slipped through the cracks of your mind into oblivion. Others you never knew about. What we have for you today is a cornucopia of melted treats, almost like if a pillowcase full of Halloween candy left out in the sun.

These are the most gigantic celebrity meltdowns and embarrassing moments of all time. When you see some of the wacky stuff they did, laughter and astonishment will take over. Stretch out those facial muscles–it’s time for a wild ride! Number 23 is was the most hardcore meltdown!

1. Tom Cruise



Everyone remembers when Tom went nuts in an interview with Oprah while expressing his love for Katie Holmes. What most people don’t know is that Tom had another hilarious moment. In 2008, during an interview with David Letterman, Tom cut the cheese while laughing at Letterman’s joke. The sound waves rippled through the audience for all to hear.

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