The Only Creatures That Will Survive Armageddon

The majority of all creatures to ever exist on Earth have gone extinct. Only the strongest have survived.

In the back of peoples’ minds, there always exists the thought of Armageddon. When will the earth end? During its history, there have been five events where nearly all life on Earth was taken out. When will the sixth event occur? Some experts predict the event may come sooner than people would like to think.

If it does come, the following species will survive. Get ready because it’s time to meet them all!  You’ll be shocked when you see number 14!

1. Devil Worms



The thing that makes this little critter so amazing is how deep it lives below the surface. It has the ability to live at depths of up to 2.2 miles beneath the earth’s surface! If Armageddon does happen, the devil worm may not even notice. It will feed off bacteria and ancient water while the rest of the earth struggles to survive.

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