These 18 Walmart Moms Were Seriously Whacked Out!

If aliens do exist on Earth, they surely shop at Walmart. Any normal person who steps foot into the superstore knows they may see some of the strangest people in the world while there. What makes these odd entities flock into Walmarts all over the country? Is it the discounts only, or is there more than meets the eye?

After putting some time into rounding up all the odd beings of Walmart, it became apparent that the moms are some of the strangest creatures of the bunch. A lot of them seem to not care what they expose in a public setting. It is funny yet disturbing if you picture your kids running into one of these whacked out Walmart mothers. One can only imagine the substances they induced before making an appearance.

Hopefully your mother is nothing like what you are about to see! Number 17 takes the cake!

1. Moby McDickles



Whale tails are one thing, but Moby Dick-sized whale tails are another! It’s surprising to see the boat she was riding was able to stay afloat. If she ended up capsizing, the cleanup boy would have had an impossible task on his hands!


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