Top 10 Most Beautiful Little People

By the time a man enters adult hood, he knows what he likes. Females come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some guys love the skinny, tall supermodel type, while other guys are looking for a little more meat on the bones. Some like brunettes, some like blondes, and other guys love redheads. And what about little people?

They are the miniature versions of the females with all those beautiful features. Imagine packing all those good looks into a pint-sized package. There is definitely a breed of men who have love for all the little females in the world. On this list, you will find all the most beautiful little females in the world. From top to bottom, your mind is about to get BLOWN! #1 is a top-notch crowd pleaser!

10. Elena Gant



At 4’4″ Elena Gant sure does pack a lot of beauty into a tiny package. She stars on the TV show Little Women if you are interested in seeing her in action. Aside form acting, she models, blogs about beauty, and is a makeup artist. She is from Russia, where some of the most beautiful females on the planet are produced. Get ready to take a trip to Asia next!

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