Top 15 Most Notorious Fictitious Drug Dealers

Sometimes acting roles are so strong that they take on a life of their own. They can consume the actor after the movie is finished. Actors have gotten so deeply entrenched into some of their roles as drug dealers that it became hard to step away. What’s more exciting than fictitiously dealing drugs and making big money while doing it? The best part is that they don’t have to answer to the law after the show or movie is over.

You are probably already picturing some of the most notorious drug dealers to ever appear on film. Some of them are obvious, while others you may have forgotten about.  This list only contains the most infamous and ends with a bang!

15. Steven Bauer as Carlos Ayala in Traffic



Drug dealing roles and Steven Bauer go hand in hand. He played drug kingpin Carlos Ayala in the movie Traffic. The movie was one of the best representations of how the underground drug trade truly works. Bauer also played a key role in the legendary movie Scarface.


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