Top 20 Celebrities with the Most Children

The strange thing about celebrities is they are some of the richest people in the world yet most of them don’t have a lot of kids. People with the more kids are sometimes poor and receiving fat checks from the government. Seems backwards, doesn’t it?

Let’s explore some of the reasons celebs don’t have a lot of kids. For one, big time celebs usually work on more than one movie per year, which means they are constantly moving around. For this reason, a lot of celebs marry other celebs, who have busy schedules like them. Another thing is celebs work hard to become famous. It’s advantageous for them to live the playboy or playgirl lifestyle. Most people with big families work 9 to 5 jobs and go home every day to their families.

There are still some celebs who choose to have large families though. Some of them have HUGE families, as you will see in the slides here. Number one has a ridiculous number of children!

20. Taylor Hanson, 5 Kids



The Hanson Brothers haven’t been on your radar for ages, but here is the youngest brother of the band all grown up. He was able to live his glory years as a playboy at a young age, so once he became a man, he chose the more traditional path. Since marrying his wife, Natalie Bryant, the couple has had five children together. If you can believe it, their oldest child is already a teenager. If you add in his other two brothers, they have 11 children between the three. It’s funny to think of the one time one-hit wonder band now having families of their own.

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