Top 20 Highest Paid Musicians on the Planet

Remember when Napster first came out and Metallica was throwing a fit because of their lost earnings? Their fit had no chance of stopping the avalanche. People don’t go into stores to buy records or CDs anymore. If they do choose to buy the music, it’s all MP3s.  Let’s face it; only a small percentage of people shell out the coin.

The are a few ways musicians can still make BIG money. The first thing they can do is perform live in large arenas or stadiums. A tour full of arenas will bring home millions for the most popular musicians. Next they can put their music videos on YouTube to gain recognition and make some money along the way. The most business savvy musicians know they can use their names to brand products. Additionally, every time they make an appearance, they get a fat paycheck.

The top 20 highest paid musicians in the world are a mix of newbies, old timers, and artists from every popular genre. They get richer as you go! Once you see how much #1 makes, your jaw will drop in amazement!

20. Roger Waters: $46 Million



Roger Waters recently used his rock icon status to bring home a HUGE paycheck. In 1985 Pink Floyd tragically broke up and never reconciled. Now it is impossible to see them together since Richard Wright passed away in 2008. Wright was the man behind all of the amazing keyboard/piano work.

In 2010 Waters decided to recreate The Wall in a live tour. The decision was one of the best he ever made. The three-year tour raked in nearly a half billion dollars total! Roger’s cut was $46 million. Not a bad salary at all for an aging rockstar!


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