Top 20 Wealthiest Actresses in the World

Did you know actors get paid A LOT more than actresses? It has been a problem in Hollywood for quite some time now. Recently, actresses began speaking out and looking to get the pay they deserve. Why should men get paid so much more?

There are a ton of quality movies featuring leading ladies instead of men. To think it costs a fraction of the price to produce the same quality movie isn’t fair. To give you a comparison, the 20th wealthiest actor has double the net worth of the 20th wealthiest actress. When will the numbers start to match?

20. Nicole Kidman: Net Worth $120 Million



Nicole Kidman has been a staple in Hollywood for decades. The Australian-born actress won an Academy Award for Best Actress and has proven she is versatile. Before she upgraded to Keith Urban, she was once married to the shorter Tom Cruise.


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