Top 21 Most Shocking Underwater Discoveries

Little is known about what lurks beneath the waters of our world. It’s estimated that man has only discovered roughly 5% of what inhabits the waters on Earth. This leaves a rather large chunk of unknowns. Imagine the treasures, wreckage, creatures, and wonders still left undiscovered.

Before air travel, ocean travel was the main mode of international transportation. People have lived out their entire lives chasing legends. To date, there are some mind-blowing discoveries that can make any person’s jaw drop in astonishment. Strap on your scuba gear. It’s time to check out the most amazing underwater discoveries to date. Number three is by far the coolest!

21. WWII Plane



Here are the remnants of the plane of the legendary WWII pilot who narrowly escaped death during a crash landing. The F4U Corsair still sits on the ocean floor to this day. According to the legend, the pilot was able to steer the plane over water to give himself a better chance of survival. Amazingly, he escaped after crash landing before the plane sunk. He sure was a lucky man!

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