Top 25 Creepiest Places on Earth

Earth is a vast planet peppered with large, unexplored chunks. If you really think about it, most of the planet is covered by oceans. The parts inhabited by people are crowded. Just picture the number of people living on the tiny island of Manhattan.

When people go on vacation, they almost always go to the same places as everyone else. This is why people constantly run into tourist traps. Remember the “cool” Rastafarian you ran into during your Caribbean cruise stop in Jamaica? In reality, he was trying to sell you some of the local product and then rat you out to the police to double his profits.

Vacationers forget about all the unexplored places in the world that aren’t advertised in brochures, and some of these spots are super bizarre and creepy. You’ve probably never heard of these places, so get ready for some enlightenment; it’s time to discover the creepiest places on Earth. Time to go full on Indiana Jones up in here!

25. “Door to Hell” in Derweze, Turkmenistan



If there truly is a portal to hell, it’s here in Turkmenistan. The pit of fire has been blazing since 1971! It all started when a group of Soviet engineers attempted to burn off a natural gas field. They probably didn’t realize it was going to burn for the next four decades and beyond.


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