Top 25 Deadliest Roads on Earth

Whether you’re the adventurous type or not, you’ll be amazed at just how dangerous some roads are. Every day people are forced to drive on these roads, risking their lives all the while. Others choose to drive on them just to say they did.

The following roads are packed with steep inclines, insane curves, deadly obstacles, crater-sized potholes, and every other danger a road can possibly offer. Buckle up! It’s time to tour the world’s 25 deadliest roads. Number one is absolute insanity!

25. A726 in Scotland



When you envision Scotland, you most likely see rolling green hills in a serene setting. The last thing you picture is a deadly road stretching over a large part of the country. A726 has one section where oversized vehicles don’t fit into one lane and blind turns are the norm. If you are driving between Strathaven and Renfrewshire, make sure to drink a cup of strong coffee first!


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