Watch Little Hercules’ Shocking Transformation from Boy to Man

In case you haven’t seen him before, you are looking at Richard Sandrak, aka Little Hercules. In 2004 a documentary titled The World’s Strongest Boy was made featuring his story. For anyone who saw it, they remember how freakishly strong the eight-year-old boy was. He was benching three times his body weight!

Obviously, rumors began to swirl about parental abuse and steroid use. It wasn’t natural for a boy to look remotely like Sandrak. Sadly, a lot of the rumors were actually true. After the truth emerged, Sandrak disappeared for almost a decade before coming forth to tell his story on an episode of Where Are They Now?

His story is just as interesting as his body was in 2004.  Are you ready to find out all of his secrets?

10. Early Signs of Abuse



Imagine this: At age two, young Sandrak began lifting weights. He was born on April 15, 1992, in the Ukraine; his father, Pavel, was a martial arts champion, and his mother, Lena, was an aerobics instructor. In 1994 his parents moved to the United States to give their son a new life.

What started out as an innocent child modeling his parents quickly turned into a young boy consumed by bodybuilding. What parents push their young child to do 600 push-ups, 600 sit-ups, and 300 squats on a daily basis? Once he began putting on some serious muscle, his parents moved him to California in hopes of making young Sandrak famous.

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