11 Amazingly Crafty Uses for VapoRub

It turns out that Robitussin isn’t the only all-in-one magic bullet in the world; Vicks VapoRub has a ton of uses too!  You’ve probably never heard of most of these tricks, but its uses range from aiding health-related issues all the way to helping you train your pet. Once you discover all the amazingly crafty uses for VapoRub, you’ll be sure to always have a jar in the medicine cabinet.

1. Battle Migraines



Nobody likes experiencing a migraine and the feeling that his or her head is about to explode! VapoRub is effective at relieving the symptoms of migraines, so the next time you experience a migraine, rub a few dabs of VapoRub on your temples and forehead. The menthol scent helps to relieve pressure in your head to instantly relieve pain.


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