15 Hot Celebs Who Are Almost as Short as Little People

The camera can do many tricks. One of its biggest tricks is making hot celebs look much taller than they actually are. When we see beautiful female celebs on TV, we often think they are tall. The prototypical model body is tall, lean, and becoming increasingly more curvy.

Without the camera, a lot of hot celebs are surprisingly short. Not just short, short either. We’re talking super short, like barely making it off the ground. For most men, there’s no problem there, especially for the guys who are a little vertically challenged themselves. Prepare for some shockers on this list. Hopefully, some of these numbers aren’t dream crushers.

15. Kourtney Kardashian at 5’0″



The Kardashians may have a huge presence on TV, but when the cameras are off, they become rather small. Kourtney barely hits the five-foot mark. If it wasn’t for her looks and fame, she may have disappeared into the crowd, never to be found again.

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