15 Images Proving It’s Good to Be Johnny Manziel

The legend of “Johnny Football” sure is a roller coaster ride of a saga. In college, the guy was a hero. He got away with controversy after controversy because of his level of talent. He even got away with making hand gestures that alluded to making money while still in college. For average Joes, that’s a big no-no.

Once he got to the big boy table, things seemed to continually crash around him. His tenure on the Cleveland Browns was pathetic at best. Now he is in limbo after a domestic abuse case. Even with all that BS in his life though,it’s still great to be Johnny Manziel. The guy surely has dough, gets the ladies, and people most likely still get exited when they see him. The following photos only prove it’s still great being “Johnny Football.”

1. Johnny and the Famous Comedian



Partying with insanely popular celebs is fun, right? Here Johnny is chilling with none other than Kevin Hart at a pool party. He even got deeply into character by grabbing himself a 40.


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