15 Undercover Muslim Celebs

When most people hear the word Muslim, they jump to all types of wacky conclusions. What people don’t realize is that not all Muslims are those scoundrels in the world who create the word starting with the letter “t”. Most Muslims are good-natured human beings who take pride in their own religion. They mean no ill will toward the world. The problem these good people face is the few bad apples of the bunch.

If those that are anti-Muslim were a little more open-minded, they’d surely make some Muslim friends. After getting acquainted, it would become apparent that Muslims are just like anybody else.

A good way to start accepting Muslims is by checking out some famous celebs who believe. Once people realize the positive impact these celebs have had on the world, they will see there is no reason to judge them based on religious views. The following are 15 of the most famous celebs you never knew were Muslim….

15. Snoop Dogg



Who is more chill and happy than Snoop Dogg? Probably no one. Snoop has been a staple in hip-hop culture and music in general for what seems likes ages now. People of all colors and creeds are into his music. You probably never realized Snoop is Muslim. He is the polar opposite of those who spread terror in the world. The worst thing he does is blow more smoke into the air than a Mac truck. At least the smoke Snoop blows isn’t full of chemicals. You know he’s getting the best of the best organics Cali has to offer!

The next famous singer is an even bigger surprise….

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