16 Unexplainable Photos from Unknown Origins

Back before digital cameras and social media, photographers developed physical photos. Since so many photos were floating around different locations, it was impossible to account for every photo. Some famous photos slipped through the cracks and became a cool surprise when uncovered from their dusty graves.

Most of the the following photos are of iconic celebrities. Along with the celebrity photos, there is a healthy dose of extremely rare photos. The cool part is nobody really knows who took any of these pictures.

Prepare yourself for a strange ride into the mystery realm. Number 15 is the rarest of the gems!

1. Ava Gardner & Burt Lancaster Performing Acro-Yoga at the Beach in 1946



It’s awesome to see two classic stars practicing their moves on the beach. Most people who actually remember them only remember their live performances. Here is a rare behind-the-scenes look!

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