22 Celebrities with Genius IQs

Not all celebrities started out as spoiled rich kids whose parents paid teachers off to give them A’s. Spoiled celebrities rarely go to college since who needs college these days? There is also the “dumb blonde” cliche or the “models have no brains” cliche. What’s surprising is that a lot of famous celebs have genius or near genius IQs.

These are the celebs who broke away from the cliches and have proven they are more than just a face or a talent. The cool part is a lot of them are celebs you’d never expect to see here. They usually play goofy roles, model for photographers, or sing in front of large audiences. Here is an inside look into the beautiful minds of celebrities (you won’t find Russell Crowe here).  Number 14’s IQ is off the charts!

1. Shakira: IQ Score of 140



Shakira is most famous for rocking audiences while shaking her Colombian-made hips. While growing up, she was always at the top of her class and is more well-educated than you may think. Her IQ must contribute to her business savvy ways because she is super rich too!

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