22 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Ivy League Degrees

Most celebrities don’t need a degree to fall back on, especially an Ivy League education. Ivy League schools are the most prestigious universities in America, each with their own history and philosophy.

A lot of people think acting is easy, but the ability to illicit true emotions on command, memorize lengthy lines, and sell a character takes intelligence and skill. Most of the actors and actresses on this list are at the top of the acting world. They have a certain drive and level of intelligence most other actors and actresses do not possess.

This article is a tip of the hat to all the talented celebrities with an Ivy League degree. You may be shocked when you see some of the names on this list, especially #17!

1. Julie Bowen, Brown University



After Modern Family became a hit TV show, Julie Bowen’s career soared. The popular show has won almost every award available to TV shows. Before her acting career, Bowen attended Brown University and has since become one of its most valuable alumni.

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