22 Hollywood Stars Without Makeup

Not everyone in the world has a personal makeup artist. Most people look normal their entire lives besides those very special occasions. Did you ever wonder why every woman looks beautiful on her wedding day? It’s because the hair stylist and makeup artist make sure women look their absolute best.

For celebrities, every day is a normal woman’s wedding day. They have the bread to pay a personal makeup artist or stylist. When caught without makeup, it’s amazing how “normal” they can look. Get ready for some shockers on this list. You may never look at these celebs the same after seeing them without their “masks”!

1. Lindsay Lohan



Amazingly, Lohan looks good without makeup. She was always a natural beauty before going down the rabbit hole full of drugs and filth. Lindsay definitely managed to catch a good angle for this shot.  The best part is the rosary in the background.


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