22 Shocking Photos of Earth’s Rarest Objects

Earth is a vast planet covered in both land and sea. It contains an unimaginable number of objects for humans to behold. Every day new discoveries are made. Throughout history, a ton of incredible objects have been uncovered for the world to see.

It’s hard to believe the rarest of Earth’s objects are actually real. That’s the beauty of photo evidence. Everything you are about to see isn’t altered in any way. The following rarities are guaranteed to wow you! These objects are the rarest of all Earth’s rarities! Number 21 will stick in your mind for quite some time!

1. New York Both Past & Present



Have you ever wondered what Manhattan would like without all the gigantic buildings resting on it? This photo shows what Manhattan once looked like 400 years ago versus today. Imagine all the weight sitting on the small plot of land now!


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