39 Attractive James Bond Girls, Then And Now

The year 2015 marked the release of the 24th James Bond film. This film, Spectre, follows in the footsteps of its highly successful predecessors by featuring a beautiful female actress, fondly known as Bond Girls. These women are iconic beauties, immortalized on film in one of the world’s most successful movie franchises. As each new Bond film is released, the buzz around who will be the latest Bond girl always manages to grab the headlines.

Many of the actresses who landed roles as Bond girls were taken from relative obscurity to worldwide fame because of their roles in James Bond films. The worldwide exposure that comes with being a Bond girl has given a massive boost to the careers of many actresses. Most people love Bond films and have fond memories of the beautiful Bond girls, both past and present. We know you have a favorite Bond girl, so be sure to let us know who in the comments below:

1. Bond Girls – Eunice Gayson

Eunice Gayson


Eunice Gayson was the trailblazer of Bond Girls with her role as Sylvia Trench in the very first Bond film, Dr. No, released in 1962. Gayson, who was Bond’s first crush in the film series, returned again for her second role as a Bond girl in the classic From Russia with Love in 1963.

Gayson’s original role was that of Miss Moneypenny, but the studio changed their minds, and she became Sylvia Trench. Gayson proved to be popular, and the studio considered her for a recurring role in subsequent Bond films; however, the idea was vetoed in the end. Eunice Gayson was the first Bond girl, paving the way for a bevy of beauties to grace our screens.

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