What Are Your Favorite Stars from the ’70s Doing Now?

The ’70s was a WHOLE lot different than now. Back then, people listened to 8-track tapes, drove funky cars, went to epic Grateful Dead stadium concerts, and danced their hearts away to disco. People weren’t rotting away in front of a TV watching Netflix or reality TV.

If you were a ’70s kid, you remember all of your favorite stars. Whatever happened to all of them? Some continued to be successful, while others took a nosedive into a bitter reality. You’re about to find out what all of your favorite ’70s stars are doing now! Number 18 is guaranteed to surprise you!

1. Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman



Lynda Carter was making a lot of men drool in the ’70s when she strapped on her Wonder Woman uniform. She was one of the ’70s stars who remained successful, and she continued to act and later found some success in the music industry. She released her own album titled Portrait and later composed a score for a video game.


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