The 20 Most Bizarre Women Alive

The most bizarre people in the world are nearly impossible to see in person. If you do the math, there are billions of people on the planet but only a handful of the bizarre.  This list narrows down billions to 20! You can only imagine the uniqueness of the following women!

Get ready for a trip unlike any other. You’re about to meet the 20 most bizarre women in the world. You may not believe #20 truly exists!

1. World’s Smallest Woman



Meet the world’s tiniest woman, Jyoti Amge. The tiny lady was born in 1993 and is living in her native country of India. She stands only 2’0.6″ tall! Amge was born with achondroplasia, which is a rare type of dwarfism. Incredibly, Jyoti is proportioned just right and doesn’t suffer from the normal ailments caused by achondroplasia.

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