Top 20 Wealthiest Marvel Actors & Actresses

Marvel is a money-making machine right now.  They’ve managed to tie multiple franchises together, and actors are landing parts left and right. Each actor gets paid his or her own personal goldmine for solo movies, and then, when it’s time to star in the next Avengers movie, they all get to share the ultimate goldmine!

The net worths on this list have a massive range from $1.5 million all the way up to $250 million, meaning some people are getting paid a lot more than others! Number one is the savviest businessman on the list!

20. Elizabeth Olsen: $1.5 Million Net Worth



All an actor or actress has to do is show up to play a part in a Marvel movie these days to strike gold. Olsen plays the small role of the Scarlett Witch and has still managed to rack up a solid net worth. She is nowhere close to making the dollar signs the big dogs are making, but it’s always nice to be a millionaire.


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